I am a mom, wife, and Christian, in reverse order.  About Me pages are so generic.

My favorite color: fuschia
My favorite animal: butterfly
Every other favorite of mine changes with my mood.

I am brassy, sassy, and classy, but not all at the same time; I like to shake it up a bit–it keeps people guessing.

I am not shy. In fact, I am quite bold in most circumstances. Given my petite frame (5’2″), this can be very intimidating; hence, the nickname Pit Bull. Once I latch on, I don’t let go. Just ask my 6’4″ husband. We have been married twenty years now.

I have three kids I am usually willing to claim as mine. Taking care of them gives me a good excuse as to why I need to color my silvering hair a deep eggplant color every five weeks. My hair looks dark brown indoors, but it turns a reddish purple in the sun. I love it.

I am serious, funny, smart, silly, raw, and real. I love people. Sometimes I don’t know why, but I do. I am very trusting, but if you lie to me once I will waste no more time with you.

Integrity, authenticity, and genuine caring are three character traits that mean the world to me, and I hope that people think of me when they think of these words.

I love God, and although sometimes I yell at Him and ask, “Why me,” I still want to live my life honoring Him and Jesus.

Karin LaMothe writes about her crazy life as she thinks out loud, reads to escape, and blogs to heal her chronic Lyme while living in Michigan. Contact her at KELaMothe@gmail.com

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