About Me

I am a mom, wife, and Christian, in reverse order.  About Me pages are so generic.

My favorite color: fuschia
My favorite animal: butterfly
Every other favorite of mine changes with my mood.

I am brassy, sassy, and classy, but not all at the same time; I like to shake it up a bit–it keeps people guessing.

I am not shy.  In fact, I am quite bold in most circumstances. Given my petite frame (5’2″), this can be very intimidating; hence, the nickname Pit Bull. Once I latch on, I don’t let go. Just ask my 6’4″ husband. We have been married twenty years now.  2-0.

I have three kids I am usually willing to claim as my own. Taking care of them gives me a good excuse as to why I need to color my silvering hair a deep eggplant color every five weeks. My hair looks dark brown indoors, but it turns a reddish purple in the sun. I love it.

I am serious, funny, smart, silly, raw, and real.  I love people. Sometimes I don’t know why, but I do. I am very trusting, but if you lie to me once I will waste no more time with you.

Integrity, authenticity, and genuine caring are three character traits that mean the world to me, and I hope that people think of me when they think of these words.

I love God, and although sometimes I yell at Him and ask, “Why me,” I still want to live my life honoring Him and Jesus.



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